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Assistant Manager - IT Procurement

Mysore, Karnataka
Posted: 12 February, 2019

Job Descriptoin

Position: Assistant Manager - IT Procurement.

Candidate should have experience in Infrastructure Process Consult, Operational Procurement.


  • Coordinating with the vendors to obtain quotation.
  • Raise CITPC requirement note for pricing approval.
  • If vendor not register, then need to register the vendor, for vendor registration, need to coordinate with vendor for necessary document and after receipt of the same, need to submit all the document to Finance department for registration.
  • Need to raise Fixed Asset procurement in CASCADE portal with Justification note and do follow up with approvers for approval.
  • Need to raise revenue note for Non-Fixed Asset Procurement and do follow up with approvers for approval.
  • After getting approval on cascade note and Revenue Note need to raise request for creating purchase order and follow-up with concern team for creation of purchase order.
  • After purchase order generation need to share Purchase Order with vendor and do follow-up with vendor for material delivery.
  • After receipt of material, need to inform Finance Team for insurance.
  • Need to inform asset management team for doing entry of the received material in portal.
  • After receipt of invoice need to perform entry in Bill Registration System in SAP for Fixed Asset and Non-Fixed Asset material.
  • After doing entry in Bill Registration system, need to create GRN Entry in SAP for Fixed Asset Material.
  • Received doing all the entry in SAP system need to submit the invoice to Finance Team for payment release and follow-up with finance team for payment release.
  • If any clarification required at the time of invoice processing by Finance Team then need to explain invoice details to Finance Manager and get approval for payment release within timeline.
  • Need to raise a request to CITPC for AMC renewal of asset and Software license.
  • Need to raise Consumable procurement as per the CITPC approved rate.
  • Consumable procurement details need to share with CITPC team on quarterly basis.
  • Need to maintain a tracker of all the IT procurement in the division.
  • IT Vendor Management of Division.
  • Maintaining the escalation matrix for support to be provided by the vendor on time.
  • After expiry of warranty, need to follow up with vendor for repair job.
  • Need to get quotation for the same and after getting approval need to send the material to vendor premises for repair work through Gate pass.
  • Need to follow up with vendor if any discrepancy came in the invoice or warranty document for newly procured material.
  • Need to arrange vendor for installation of the newly procured material.
  • Need to follow up and process way bill and road permit for IT asset transfer from HO to other location.
  • IT Services:
    • Need to receive incident calls or service requests through mail or Phone and recording the same in Helpdesk Tool.
    • Need to prioritize and allocate to respective Engineer.
    • Monitoring and tracking status of incident or service requests.
    • Escalation and referral to other parts of the domain.
    • Providing first line support.
    • Monitoring and escalation procedures relative to appropriate SLA.
    • Communicating short term and scheduled changes to users and clients.
    • Closing incidents after getting confirmation from users.

ITC Infotech India Ltd - 9 days ago

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